Micro LEDs

Bruce Rae


University of Strathclyde, University of St. Andrews, Imperial College London


Gallium Nitride based micro-pixel light emitting diode ('micro-LED') arrays have attracted much interest in recent years as UV-blue-green spectrally and spatio-temporally selective photo-excitation and photo-stimulation source. Although passive-matrix schemes have been investigated for micro-LED's, it has been recognized that, especially in flip-chip format, active addressing offered by metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) control electronics provides significant advantages of high power output and scalability. Using computer control to pattern-program the output from these devices, fixed or high frame-rate optical images can be projected into a wide variety of samples and materials, for applications including mask-free photolithography, optical lab-on-a-chip, optical sectioning microscopy, patterned photo-excitation of biological samples, and hybrid organic/inorganic devices.